Gemstone Testing lab Software and Website Feature

Gems Lab Management Software

1. Unlimited (Color, Shape, Cut, Group & Stone-Master)

  • Description: The software allows for the unlimited categorization of gemstones by various attributes such as color, shape, cut, group, and stone master. This flexibility enables comprehensive record-keeping and easy retrieval of gemstone information.
  • Benefits: Facilitates detailed and organized gemstone documentation, improves searchability, and ensures no restrictions on data entry.

2. Unlimited Gems Record

  • Description: There are no limits on the number of gemstone records that can be stored in the database.
  • Benefits: Ensures scalability as your gemstone inventory grows, providing robust storage capacity for extensive data.

3. Auto A4 Report

  • Description: Automatically generates standardized A4-sized reports for each gemstone.
  • Benefits: Saves time on report creation, ensures consistency in reporting, and provides a professional format for documentation.

4. Auto ATM Card Sheet Report

  • Description: Automatically generates reports in the format of an ATM card-sized sheet.
  • Benefits: Provides a compact and portable report format, convenient for quick reference and easy distribution.

5. Online Sync

  • Description: Synchronizes data with an online server, ensuring that all records are updated.
  • Benefits: Enhances data accessibility, allows for remote access, and ensures that all users have the latest information.

3 Pages Website

1. Home Page

  • Description: The main landing page that introduces your gemstone testing lab and provides an overview of your services.
  • Features: Engaging design, brief company introduction, featured services, and easy navigation.

2. Report Page

  • Description: A dedicated page where clients can access and verify their gemstone reports.
  • Features: Report search functionality, downloadable report options.

3. Contact Us Page

  • Description: A page that provides contact information and a form for clients to get in touch with your lab.
  • Features: Contact form, phone number, email address, physical address, and a map for location.

Report Verification

  • Description: A feature that allows clients to verify the authenticity of their gemstone reports online.
  • Benefits: Increases trust and transparency, reduces the risk of fraud, and provides clients with easy access to verification.

100% Custom Design

  • Description: The software and website will be uniquely designed to meet your specific requirements and branding.
  • Benefits: Ensures a unique and professional appearance, aligns with your brand identity, and enhances user experience.

Page Size (1024 * 1024 px)

  • Description: The website pages are designed with a standard size of 1024 x 1024 pixels.
  • Benefits: Provides a consistent viewing experience, ensures compatibility across different devices, and maintains a clean layout.

Custom Graphics

  • Description: Includes custom-designed graphics tailored to your branding and aesthetic preferences.
  • Benefits: Enhances visual appeal, reinforces brand identity, and improves user engagement.

Meta Tags

  • Description: Optimized meta tags for SEO, including titles, descriptions, and keywords.
  • Benefits: Improves search engine visibility, increases web traffic, and enhances online presence.

Contact Us Form

  • Description: An online form where clients can submit inquiries or requests for more information.
  • Features: Fields for name, email, phone number, message, and a submit button.
  • Benefits: Facilitates easy communication with potential clients, improves customer service, and captures leads.

FREE Domain

Description: Includes a free domain name for your website.

Benefits: Reduces initial setup costs, provides a professional web address, and enhances online credibility.

5 Email Accounts

  • Description: Provides five email accounts associated with your domain.
  • Benefits: Facilitates professional communication, ensures secure and branded email addresses, and supports multiple users.

5GB Secure Web Hosting

  • Description: Offers 5GB of secure web hosting space for your website.
  • Benefits: Provides ample storage for your website and data, ensures security and reliability, and includes regular backups.

Database Website

  • Description: A website integrated with a database to manage and display dynamic content.
  • Benefits: Allows for efficient data management, supports complex functionality, and provides a scalable solution for your needs.


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